On-site hearing testing

Harmony Wants to Prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss!

HarmonyHarmony is an educational manikin used to help people understand the impact of the volume of MP3 players on their hearing.

Harmony is wired with a sound meter that registers the decibel level of a MP3 or game player when the earbuds are inserted in her ears. Anyone who uses these devices can find out if the volume they typically use is putting them at risk for noise-induced hearing loss.

Harmony goes on the road and visits schools, meetings, health fairs, businesses and other events to help people understand how to prevent noise induced hearing loss.


If you are interested in having Harmony visit your business, school or organization, or event, please call us at 303-322-1871 or email us.

Harmony on the Road

harmony at martin Luther King Library
Harmony at Martin Luther King Library in Aurora, Colorado.

Harmony at golf tournament.
Harmony at Arapahoe and Southwest Sertoma Clubs' Charity Golf Tournament.
Harmony at Douglas County Parenting Coalition Event
Harmony at Douglas County Parenting Coalition Community event.
Harmony at the Federal Center
Harmony at the Denver Federal Center.