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We are your hearing cells.

There are 20,000 of us in each of your inner ears. Sound waves coming in from outside set the hairs on our heads vibrating. When that happens we transmit signals that the brain interprets as sound. Some of us react to high-pitched sounds and some of us react to low-pitched sounds.

Noise gives us a hard time.

Day or night, we are always on duty. Any sound that comes in, anytime, we have to route it to your brain. It’s a hard life. And LOUD noises makes it even harder. We are totally defenseless when noise comes thundering in. Unless you do something about it.

Too much noise can kill us.

Noise gradually wears us out until we break down and die. One after another. The fewer there are of us left, the more distorted the sound your brain receives. You won’t notice it’s happening. Sounds will be missing or hard to understand. And it might become impossible to hear at all.

Example: MP3 Player

The best way to protect against hearing loss in the future is to protect your hearing today and every day.

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