KidScreen Vision Screening


KidScreen offers hearing, vision speech, language and learning screenings and referrals to promote early identification of communication and learning problems and to encourage follow-up therapy treatments and post-screening medical referral.

Why is Screening Important?

  • Treatment of vision, hearing, speech and language or learning problems can support growth and development in learning, reading, social skills and behavior.
  • Most doctors offices do not offer comprehensive screening for hearing, speech and functional vision.
  • Research has proven that early detection is critical.

KidScreen is helping ensure that children ages 7 months through high school, in Denver and Colorado Springs, are getting the comprehensive communication services they need. A critical step in helping a child reach their learning potential is the screening process to assure that your child's skill levels are on the right track towards maximizing learning.

We screen thousands of children at childcare centers, preschools and private schools in Denver and Colorado Springs. Our screenings determine if a child’s developmental, academic and learning skills are on target for his or her age, or if there is a need for further evaluation. We also offer screenings in our clinical offices located at 4280 Hale Parkway in Denver.


Children with learning-related vision problems rarely report symptoms. They think everyone sees the same as they do. Vision is more than 20/20 eyesight. Vision is a skill like learning to walk or to talk that should not be left to chance. Passive visual activities such as watching television, video and computer screens do not encourage proper vision development to cope with reading and writing tasks at the kindergarten and first grade levels.


Children learn from listening to other people talk. Good hearing in the first years of life is essential for speech and language development. Good hearing helps children learn vocabulary, grammar, word order and other verbal communication.

Speech, Language and Learning

Children learn skills important for reading and writing during early
speech and language development. Screening can identify children who should receive further evaluation due to developmental delays.

Learn more about functional vision and hearing.

Basic Screening:

Includes vision, hearing and speech screening. For 7 months and older.

Optional Language Screening:

Includes Basic Screening plus a screening test specifically for language development in children 3 to 6 years old.

Developmental Screening:

Includes Basic Screening plus the following:

  • Ages 7 months through 2 years: screening test for cognitive development, communication and motor skills
  • Ages 3 through 6 years: screening test for cognitive, language and motor skills
  • 1st grade and older: word reading, spelling, math and language fundamentals

Overview of the KidScreen Program

The KidScreen hearing and vision screening program may have saved the life of Anna Queen.

Anna Queen

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