KidScreen Hearing Screening

Early Detection of Learning Problems is Critical So a Child Doesn't Fall Behind

Research has proven that early detection of learning problems is critical. Treatment of vision, hearing, speech, and language issues can support growth and development in reading, self esteem, social skills and behavior.

When a child cannot be understood or cannot understand others, they may become angry, frustrated, depressed or withdrawn. These behaviors can become detrimental to the child's productivity in school, development of good self esteem and acceptance in society.

Hearing, vision and speech/language screenings are not routinely available to all children through their childcare center or school. Some schools do offer vision screenings --and while they are providing a valuable service--children can pass a school eye chart test and still have undetected vision problems which are affecting their school work. 

Understanding what is seen

Some experts estimate that at least 70% of what a child learns in school happens through vision.  It is crucial that a child’s eyesight and visual processing skills be tested.

Sight is being able to see but vision is the ability to understand what is seen, which is a learned process.

A child performing poorly in school, especially in reading, could have an undetected vision problem despite having 20/20 clarity. Children with learning-related vision problems rarely report symptoms as they think everyone sees the same as they do. 

Hearing helps children learn vcocabularly

Good hearing helps children learn vocabulary, grammar, word order and other verbal communication. Children learn from listening to other people talk.

Normal hearing does not always equal normal understanding of speech sounds.

CHSL's KidScreen program includes vision, hearing, speech and developmental screenings to promote early identification of communication or learning problems.

KidScreen is administered by caring professionals applying state-of-the-art techniques and provides parents with recommendations on how to help a child who is struggling with communication, reading or learning. Early intervention is key in increasing the chances for improving a child’s communication skills down the line, and preventing him or her from falling further behind.

KidScreen is a hearing, speech, language, vision and developmental/learning screening program to promote early identification of communication and learning problems.