RISE Literacy Program

Our Mission

The Center for Hearing, Speech and Language enriches people’s lives by providing innovative, caring and high-quality services for people with barriers to communication, regardless of financial status.

Why CHSL is Unique

  • Financial Assistance Provision: While there are other agencies providing hearing, vision, speech and language services in Denver and Colorado Springs, CHSL is unique. We are a not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to provide first-rate services to the community. We also provide financial assistance to low-income, disabled, at-risk, uninsured and underserved children and adults.
  • Social Enterprise Fees: CHSL combines fundraising methods with fee-for-service income-generating strategies, commonly called Social Enterprise Fees. With these in place, potential unforeseen disruptions in earned income and/or philanthropic funding streams have less chance of negatively impacting the delivery of quality healthcare services.
  • Time Tested: The Center for Hearing, Speech & Language is over 90 years old! We've been providing quality services to the people of Denver since 1918 and we'd bet that's not something many other service providers can claim!
IRS Status: 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization
Year Established: 1918 (As a Volunteer Lip Reading Club)
Executive Director: Jill C. Wayne, AuD,
Executive Director/Audiologist
President of the Board: Kristen Merrick
Board of Directors: 15 Volunteer members
Colorado Springs Advisory Board: Larry W. Cole, M.D., Chairman
6 Total Colorado Springs Board Members
Affiliations: Pikes Peak United Way
  Better Business Bureau