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The Center for Hearing, Speech and Language Launches “Save Harry” Campaign to Raise Awareness about Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Electronic Manikin Joins the Cause

Harry the Hair CellDenver, CO—July 18, 2012— The Center for Hearing, Speech and Language (CHSL) announces a new spokes-character Harry the Hair Cellto educate the public about noise-induced hearing loss and the importance of wearing hearing protection in noisy environments--whether outdoors, at a venue, on the job or at home. Harry represents a single hair cell in the inner ear and tells the story of how loud noises make him sick. Parents have reported that their kids are remembering Harry’s message. Harry’s story is available in English and Spanish.  Read Harry’s story:

HarmonyOn the Road with Harmony – an Electronic Educational Manikin

In conjunction, an educational manikin named Harmony will be visiting businesses, schools and health fairs to help kids and parents understand the impact of the volume of their MP3 players on their hearing. Harmony is wired with a sound meter that registers the decibel level of an MP3 player when the earbuds are inserted in her ears. Anyone who listens to a MP3 player can find out if the volume they typically use is putting them at risk for noise induced hearing loss.

“We are dismayed that younger and younger people are experiencing noise induced hearing loss when it can be avoided with awareness and education,” said Jill Wayne, CHSL’s Executive Director.  “Harmony gives us a great resource to reach the public and kids in particular, before they sustain permanent hearing loss.”

Loud noises can temporarily or permanently damage the microscopic hair cells in the inner ear that convey sound to the brain. These cells can bounce back from an occasional blast of noise but with longer periods of time of exposure to constant loud sounds, some of these cells might eventually stop working for good.

Harmony is available to go on the road and visit your business, school or organization for testing MP3 players as well as in our Denver office.  For more information or to schedule Harmony to visit your organization or event, contact CHSL at 303-322-1871.

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