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The Center for Hearing, Speech and Language Offers Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids Through A Daniels Fund Grant

Denver, CO—January 10, 2012— The Center for Hearing, Speech and Language (CHSL), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with offices located in Denver and Colorado Springs has received a Daniels Fund grant to support its Hearing Aid Bank Program.

CHSL encourages people who need hearing aids and cannot afford them to apply for assistance made possible by the Daniels Fund grant.

The grant enables CHSL’s Hearing Aid Bank Program to provide new or refurbished/repaired hearing aids and other types of hearing assistance equipment to low-income adults, seniors and children in the greater Denver Metro area. Services are targeted to improve learning and academic performance for children, employment opportunities and/or job function for working adults and improve total quality of life for these individuals as well as for seniors. 

Founded in 1918, The Center for Hearing, Speech and Language (CHSL) offers full audiological services, onsite industrial hearing testing, screening in schools, speech, language, and learning services, and therapists specializing in evaluation and intervention treatment of language and auditory processing disorders.

“The Daniels Fund Grant has enabled us to continue to address a quality of life issue for many people whose needs cannot be met elsewhere due to their economic circumstances,” said Jill Wayne, Executive Director of CHSL.  “There are so many people who may opt to just not address hearing issues due to the cost. The Daniels Fund Grant is going a long way in our mission to help those who struggle to pay for hearing aids.”

Based on these realities, the Hearing Aid Bank has provided charitable support valued at thousands of dollars to hard-of-hearing individuals in the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs areas. 

Bill Daniels, a pioneer in cable television known for his kindness and generosity to those in need, established the Daniels Fund to provide grants and scholarships in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.  For more information visit

 Call 303-322-1871 for more information.