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KidScreen, a program of The Center for Hearing, Speech and Language Is Helping Kids Succeed in School

Denver, CO—March 2, 2010—KidScreen is a vibrant and successful program for the The Center for Hearing, Speech and Language (CHSL), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with offices located in Denver and Colorado Springs.  KidScreen provides vision, hearing, speech and developmental screenings to promote early identification of communication or learning problems. Over 5,000 children a year are screened by KidScreen in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Most screenings are conducted at educational or health facilities, or at our Denver office. Parents are encouraged to ask their child’s school about KidScreen or to phone our office to schedule an appointment for screening.

Ella’s story
Ella’s Mom opted to have her 31/2 year old screened in January, 2010, since The Center for Hearing, Speech and Language was coming to her daughter’s school.  The screening identified a need for a vision examination. Ella’s mother promptly followed the screening recommendations and took her for an eye exam. The doctor determined that Ella had vision problems, which if left untreated, could result in blindness. Ella is now getting treatment for Amblyopia, which can have a better outcome if treatment is started before age five.  Ella’s Mom was so thankful she contacted CHSL. “It was critical that the screening was done and thankfully it was thorough, said Ella’s Mom. “The person doing the screening definitely knew what they were doing.”

KidScreen logo“KidScreen has provided critical identifications of health and learning issues in young children every year of the program’s existence. Ella’s story is one that makes our work so rewarding!” said Beth O’Brien, Director of Children and Adolescent Clinical Services for CHSL.

Vision, hearing and speech screenings are not routinely available to all children through their childcare center or school. Treatment of vision, hearing, speech/language, or learning problems can support growth and development in learning reading, social skills and behavior. KidScreen provides parents with recommendations on how to help a child who is struggling with possible communication or learning problems. Screening can determine if developmental, academic and learning skills are progressing as expected, or if there is a cause for concern and further evaluation is necessary.