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Protect Your Hearing From Lawn Mowers and Other Summer Sounds

One in 10 Americans has hearing loss that affects his or her ability to understand normal speech. Aging is the most common cause of this condition. However, exposure to excessive noise also can damage hearing.

  • Carry along a pair of disposable hearing protection in the event you are around lawn mowers or other power tools. Especially if you are the one mowing!
  • Outdoor concerts warrant ear protection.
  • Be sure to turn down your mp3 player.
  • Repeated exposure to engines and machines like motorcycles or chain saws can erode hearing.

Keep your hearing aids dry

Humidity, perspiration and water can damage hearing aids. Here's a few tips:

  • Open the battery door at night to let the air dry any moisture.
  • Consider purchasing a Dri-Aid kit which draws moisture out of the tubing and the hearing aid.
  • Consider removing your hearing aids when exercising. Let your ear canal dry out before putting in your hearing aids after exercising.
  • Remember to take out your hearing aids before you jump into the swimming pool or the lake.