Sound Level Meter

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Sound Level Meters are important instruments to the Audiometric Technician who tests noise levels in the business environment.

Hearing Conservation

Sound Solutions offers Hearing Conservation Program implementation including:

  • On-site quality annual mobile hearing screenings
  • Training program included in base pricing at no additional cost
  • No "run around" with automated scheduling
  • Responsive staff members
  • Comprehensive easy to read reporting package with certified audiologist review

On-Site Audiometric Testing

The screening of your associates will be done on-site and is administered, monitored and validated by a CAOHC certified technician. Our screening units have the capability to screen and train a group of 6 employees every 15 minutes or 24 per hour. Your cost effective per person price includes computerized company and employee results, professional review and analysis by an ASHA certified audiologist plus back up record keeping. The completed reporting package sent to you will consist of annual company wide and department trends, alphabetic listing of employees tested with hearing trends, current 10dB (plus 25dB shift reports for MSHA clients) and 5 year trend of 10dB shifts.

The package also includes an individual audiogram for each associate screened with medical history, training records, testing history and other valuable information. This comprehensive reporting package is either bound together or kept loose-leaf at your discretion. Individual result letters are also included and kept loose-leaf for distribution to your associates.
Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Free training and education for your employees

Are you looking for newly released, quality hearing conservation training films? We were too, and we found KN Production who is producing new training films each year or so for under $150. There films are useful for: film library additions, in-house testing programs, new hires at individual companies, missed employees from annual test dates or to supplement your company safety programs. Click to visit KN Production's web site: Video training programs along with technician contribution is provided and documented in your reporting package at no additional cost to you.

Sound level survey work

Did you know that in some cases your worker compensation provider may be able to provide this service to you at no charge? If this is not an option for you, we can help.
Mapping and reporting of your plant noise levels by our technicians using a hand held sound level meter. We will take measurements of dBA, dBA and peak in areas set forth by your company.

Dosimeter rental program

To schedule a rental (we have up to 5 dosimeters available at one time) or if you have any questions, please feel free to call 303-399-3410 or email us.

Dosimeters are available for measuring individual employees' noise exposure levels. Larson Davis 705M+ Noise dosimeters can be rented for a cost of $50/day per unit plus cost of shipping to your facility and back to us. These dosimeters (about the size of a pager that clips to the belt of your employee) can take constant measurements each second of an employees work shift. Once we receive the dosimeter back, we'll print your reports that show the actual time weighted average number with overview of the readings, a more detailed histogram of their exposure throughout the day in one minute increments (480 total reported measurements in an 8 hour period), and a percentage of dBA exposures in 1 dBA increments from 60dBA to 140dBA.

Data Maintenence & Reporting

For companies that provide in-house hearing testing, we can provide data processing, reporting, evaluation and electronic storage at a low cost to you. Click here to get a price quote.

Personal Protective EquipmentPersonal Protective Equipment

Sound Solutions can advise management on proper selection of hearing protection as needed and also has custom molded hearing protection services available to local clients through our clinic.

Expert Testimony

Although it is rarely needed, clients of our industrial testing program can receive expert witness testimony in workers compensation cases from Sound Solutions staff if the need arises.

Sound Solutions:

Sound Level Meter

Sound Meter

Sound Level Meters are important instruments to the Audiometric Technician who tests noise levels in the business environment.