Speech Therapy

Caring Professionals Applying State-of-the-Art Techniques

Research shows that 20% of all school-age children have some type of communication problem. Only through stressing the importance of, and necessity for early detection and intervention of communication problems, can we hope to get children the help they need before their development and progress are impeded.

When a child cannot be understood or cannot understand others, they may become angry or withdrawn. Either of these behaviors can become detrimental to the child's productivity in school and acceptance in society. The Center for Hearing, Speech and Language is addressing these problems in our Speech, Language and Learning Department by providing much-needed services in daycare and other early childhood locations, and is bridging the gaps for those without insurance or the means to pay for services that are so vital to their child's progress.

Our team consults with families on a regular basis to make referrals to other professionals, where appropriate, and to provide families education and "peace of mind" about the diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Most of our therapy services are provided in our clinical offices and educational settings throughout Denver. In some cases, home-based services may be provided for clients, subject to approval. Eligibility for financial assistance is determined following standard guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Other Ways We Can Help

Speaker's Bureau

In-services for Schools and Parent Groups
Our qualified staff will individualize an in-service or guest speaker for your group. We can discuss normal speech and language development, how to refer a child for services, or how to improve language and learning skills at home. We bring handouts for future reference and answers questions about specific children or disorders. These interactive presentations are geared to educate your teachers and parents. For more information, please call 303-322-1871.

Telephone Consultations

Free consultations up to 30 minutes are available at the Center. Our therapists will answer questions over the phone to help you decide where you and your child need to go for services. Call us at 303-322-1871.

Early detection and intervention of communication problems can get children the help they need before their development is impeded.